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Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing Services

Enjoy affordable and efficient residential plumbing repair and installation services when you call on us. Our trained and experienced plumbing specialists at Whalen Plumbing have got all it takes to provide you comprehensive solutions to your specific circumstances.

Bathroom remodeling services

Tired of seeing the old and ugly looking fixtures, tubs and toilets you have in your bathroom? Do you think it’s high time your bathroom got a fix so that it looks and feels like one you’ve seen and really thought was cool? Then it’s time to pick up the phone and dial Whalen; we are your go to company on all things bathroom renovations. From replacing tubs, toilets, sinks and other toilet fixtures to give it that five start look and feel. Improving the quality of your life, adding value to your home and providing you all these at pocket friendly rates.

Home re-piping services

Noticing increasing water leaks from your home? or do you think you’re paying a higher than normal water bill? If yes, then maybe it’s time to re-pipe.

Let us help you replace your existing pipe system with something of better and more durable. A lot of home owners dread the idea of re-piping because of the cost implications but we like to tell our customers to consider the trade-off between those costs and reducing or eliminating any plumbing issues for years, enjoying a safer and more efficient water system that can save you cost, providing you with a better and much more durable piping system and increasing the value of your home for when you decide to sell, lease or rent. Think again, Think Whalen!

Professional drain cleaning services

We’ll take care of all your clogged and dirty drains, get rid of the slow moving water and foul stench coming from the drain and ensure that your drain and pipes are always running safely and efficiently in order to keep its pressure within acceptable limits and avoid any burst. Investing in timely drain cleaning from a professional plumbing repair and installation services company like Whalen is the secret to always having your drains healthy and safe.

Sewer line services

At Whalen, we also specialize in sewer line repair and replacement services. Are you in need of a quick repair or are you planning on making a full sewer lines installation? Then ours is the number to call. We make sure to inspect the lines very carefully in order to come up with accurate diagnostics and recommend the best line of action that will meet your specific needs and budget.

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