About Us

Twenty years on and still strong!

Whalen is not just your go to company when you need quick heating and plumbing repair works – we’re also one of the finest plumbing and heating companies for over twenty years and still counting. Our experience over the years providing the best plumbing and heating repair, replacement and maintenance works has endeared us to thousands of homeowners in the state with a record 95% on time service record.

Our professionalism, work-ethic and customer service has guaranteed us repeat business from most of our clients who continue to call on us whenever they have plumbing or heating problems. This culture of promptness and excellence is what stands us out from the competition because our customers know we’ll get the job done right, on-time, and at an affordable price every time they call on us.


Our Customers are our Priority

At Whalen, we’re constantly exploring new ways to improve our service to our customers in order to exceed their expectations. Once you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll make sure to arrive at the top, within the hour and have your plumbing or heating systems fixed as quickly as possible.

We’ll also let you know the details of the technician we’ll be sending over to your location before they arrive, so you know exactly who and what to expect at your location.

Call us via any of the numbers listed in the contact section below to get all your plumbing and heating repairs, replacements or maintenance works done right away. We’ll be expecting to hear from you.


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