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General Plumbing Services

General Plumbing Services

Water heater repair

Inefficient or damaged water heater systems don’t just waste a lot of water, they also waste money. Whalen provides you with water heater repair and replacement services so you don’t have to put up with the frustration or the expense that comes with one that is broken. If you think your water heater isn’t working properly, then you should have it fixed immediately.

Whether it’s rusty water, weird sounds coming from your tank, or maybe it’s just taking longer than the usual for the water to heat up; call on us and we’ll have one of our licensed plumbers come take a look and recommend the best line of action so as to have the problems fixed as quickly as possible.



Sump pump repair or replacement

Sump pumps could fail to function optimally for various reasons. It is possible that the sump pump wasn’t the right size for your needs in the first place or it was not properly installed. Also it could be that there’s a problem with the pump switch or it just requires routine maintenance.

Whatever the reason, we’re sure no one wants their homes’ sump pump malfunctioning because the consequences could be a lot direr. So why wait? Have your pumps checked by experts who’ll be very honest and professional with you.  Likewise, if you suspect your sump pump is faulty, call us and have it repaired or replaced right away. We’ll help ensure that there are no unintended consequences.

Fixing water pressure problems

Whether your water pressure is too high or too low, our experts at Whalen are what you need to not just restore the proper water pressure but also find and fix the underlying cause of the problem. Water pressure problems usually occur whenever there are other serious plumbing issues. Reasons for their occurrence would include; corroded pipework, leaking pipes, or clogs caused by lime deposits.

Doesn’t matter it’s nature, plumbing issues are usually best resolved early before it results in more costly damage in the future. Whether it’s a leak, funny noises or water pressure problems; Whalen is your ideal partner to help you nip it in the bud while it’s still cheaper and less complicated.

repairing burst water pipe

Pipe repair & replacement

Once the problems have been identified, our experts will be quick to recommend the best and cost effective solutions to help you deal with them. Faulty pipes are very dangerous to the home as they can prevent plumbing systems from functioning properly which causes water to either waste or accumulate in or around openings within building walls and floors thereby weakening its structure.

The longer a pipe remains unfixed, the more exposure to damage and risk the building faces and the more expensive it becomes to eventually rectify the faults.  If you suspect your pipes are damaged or broken, the best way to minimize the cost or damage is to fix them immediately and lucky for you; we’re just one phone call away.

Whatever your pipe inspection, repair, and replacement needs, Whalen is right at your service to help you prevent any major catastrophes that may arise from rusty, broken or misaligned pipes.

Sink, Faucet, & Toilet Repairs

Toilets, sinks and faucets happen to be the most frequently used plumbing fixtures in every home so it’s not unusual to have them wear out or damaged more often than the rest. Once you realize that any of these fixtures need repair, call on us and we’ll be right at your home to have them fixed as quickly as possible.

Whatever appears to be awkward; slow drains, clogs, overflows, leaks, breaks, rust, or any weird sounds, our technicians will be on hand to quickly identify the cause of the problem and have it fixed immediately. You can count on us every time to provide you with quick, effective and reliable solutions for all your plumbing issues.

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